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Unable to process the lockfile: when attempting to test Paperless Office PDF Writer

When attempting to setup the PDF writer from Paperless Office, an error message "Unable to process the lockfile" may be presented.

To fix this problem, you need to use the Registry Editor.

From the Start button, select RUN then type in Regedit and click ok.

From the Regedit screen, select EDIT - FIND

Under the "look at" options, remove all the checkmarks EXCEPT for the one next to KEYS.

Search for the key LOCK.

When you find the key, if it is underneath a folder for Extended Solutions PDF Converter -- delete the LOCK folder (do NOT delete the Extended Solution Folder itself).

If you have trouble deleting a LOCK folder, it could be that there is something in the folder (typically another folder). In that case delete the other folders inside that LOCK folder. Then go and delete the LOCK folder itself.

Go back to EDIT - FIND - FIND NEXT and look for another LOCK folder underneath an Extended Solutions PDF Converter folder.

If you find any other LOCK folders, delete those as well (they should only be deleted if you find them within an Extended Solutions PDF Converter folder).

Go back to MAS90 and uninstall and then re-install the PDF converter.

Additional Tip: I have also seen the PDF converter not run if acroread32.exe is hung. To fix it I ctrl-alt-del and select Task Manager and Processes then shut down the AcroRead32 process.

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