How To Convert Sage 100 ERP From PC Charge to Sage Payments

Here’s how to convert a #Sage100 ERP customer from #PCCharge to #SagePayments without tears.

1. Obtain a Sage Payments merchant account

2. Flip the switch from PC Charge to Sage Payments within Sage 100 ERP by going to Library Master – Main – Company Maintenance – 3. Servers tab.

3. Go to Accounts Receivable – Setup – Payment Type Maintenance

4. Change each of their existing CC payment types:

  • Merchant ID: Terminal ID from their sign up letter
  • Merchant Key: From their sign up letter (NOT same as Merchant ID)
  • Pre-Authorization Term: Change to 7 days

Note: If you do not change the pre-authorization term to 7 days (which matches Sage’s gateway) then you could see “Authorization Expired” messages.

Helpful resources:

Sage Payment Services KB:

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