[Providex][ODBC Driver][PVKIO] Logon Failed When Accessing BIE in MAS 200 4.5 PU3

Here’s a pesky issue that my 90 Minds colleague Mark Kotyla just resolved after many hours of head scratching by our group and by tech support.

[Providex][ODBC Driver][PVKIO] Logon Failed.

This error displays when accessing any BIE in MAS 200 4.5 PU3 (either on server or TS session). I’ve seen threads on this topic for Crystal Reports, but all reports print fine. Only BIE is affected.


Several suggestions from our group suggested:

  • Re-run workstation setup
  • Pay attention to system security


None of the conventional suggestions worked. Mark opened a case with Sage.

Ultimately his resolution was:

After several hours of trying this and that, I noticed that MAS was launching in XP Compatibility mode. Once disabled, error went away. MAS 200 4.3 on same server (2008 R2) works fine in compatibility mode. Appears that only 4.5 (all PU’s) has this issue.


via: Mark Kotyla Giving Tree Consulting

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