Best Article on Solving Sage ERP MAS90 Paperless Office Printing Problems

I just hung up the phone with a customer whose MAS90 system would no longer print to Paperless Office after upgrading their workstations to Windows 7.

This in my experience is usually solved by:

  • Re-running workstation setup
  • Re-running the PDF Install Program

1. Manually install the Amyuni PDF Converter
– Go to the MAS90\Home folder and run PDFInstall.exe
2. Go into Start Menu | Printer and Faxes | and search for the Amyuni PDF Converter
3. Rename the Amyuni PDF Converter as Sage PDF Converter
4. Go into MAS | File | Run and enter PL_ADVANCEDOPTIONS_UI
5. Install the converter and test the converter to see if it initialized properly


Though I’ve found in some cases nothing you try works.

Luckily I found this article in Sage’s knowledgebase which solved not only this issue but serves as a nice summary of many other potential fixes.

So if you’re having trouble printing to Paperless Office with Windows 7 or Windows 2008 – be sure to try this KB entry from Sage.

Note: Windows 7 is not supported on any version of MAS prior to This KB only applies to versions released since 4.30 versions require Program Fix LM4046-T, as well (make sure all the instructions on the download page for LM4046 are followed exactly). 4.40 versions require at least Product Update 1, with LM4045-T, or Product Update 2 or above without Program Fix LM4045. Please view our Supported Platform Matrix for our most currently supported platform.

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