How To Default MAS90 Customized Report Setting Reports To Todays Date

Here’s a really useful fix that we made today for a customer.

We had modified an existing Aged Invoice report for a customer on v4.3. Saved it as report setting “CUSTOM”.

They noticed that while their “STANDARD” report would automatically default to today’s date — the CUSTOM one that we created and saved under the new CUSTOM name would not.

Turns out this was discussed on the forums about two years ago. It’s a WAD — unless you use this undocumented trick.

You saved a set of alternate Report Settings for the A/R Aged Invoice Report under some name other than STANDARD.

This unfortunately included the Aging Date report option, so now it always wants to age the invoices as of that same date every time, and this is annoying.

You want it to default the Aging Date the same way that it does with the STANDARD Report Settings.

This works for me:

Open SY_ReportOption table in DFDM.

Find the record for the AR_AGEDINVOICEREPORT_UI in your company that has the name of your Report Settings on it.

Edit the OptionsString$. Add ; to the end of it. (That looks like an HTML tag, and your browser might’ve tried to render it, so I will spell it out for you. It’s semicolon, less than, capital R, capital T, greater than. No spaces anywhere.)


If you browse over to the record for the STANDARD Report Settings, you’ll see that it already has this interesting little bit on the end of its OptionsString$ too. It’s the magic signal that tells the report code to go default some things (like date options) in a smart way instead of just reading them out of this file. The details of exactly what this little token means will vary from report to report.


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