How Is Unit Cost Computed For FIFO Items Within MAS90 Sales Order Invoice Entry?

Here is an interesting tidbit that I just learned (or maybe I knew it before but re-learned it).

The cost field in the MAS90 Sales Order Invoice data entry may not be the true cost so long as the invoice is unposted.

A Client was using FIFO costing for an item that they sold. Noticed that the data entry cost didn’t match with the gross profit journal cost. Turns out the way that the cost is assigned is MAS90 and MAS200 may use last cost within the invoice data entry cost field. (see this link for the Sage explanation)

When the transaction is posted the cost is assigned properly to the invoice history file.

This came about because the client wanted to provide a file of sMAS90 Sales Order invoice data entry transactions (including line item costs) to a third party. My thinking was just take MAS90 Sales Order Invoice Data Entry and do an export.

That worked — except the client noticed the cost per the export I had created did not match to the cost per the Cost Journal for FIFO (and possibly other) cost types.

Here’s the Sage KB that explains it better than I probably have.

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