Consulting Insights Editor Bob Scott announces his departure from Accounting Technology as SourceMedia consolidates their publications

bobscottSourceMedia today combined their three accounting publications which unfortunately means the departure of three long time editors, including Bob Scott who oversaw the popular Accounting Technology magazine.

Bob is equally well known for his wildly popular electronic newsletter called “Consulting Insights”. This publication highlights insider news and gossip of importance to mid-market VARS and technology companies. Bob also specializes in his coverage of nearly all the accounting software industry trade shows and user conferences.

While it remains to be seen whether the newsletter retains the same title, it appears virtually certain Bob will continue to pen the newsletter, move it to the web – or possibly both.

In an email sent this afternoon, Bob announced that his last day will be May 22, 2009 and describes the changes as:

The wheels roll on and SourceMedia has decided to combine its three publications into Accounting Today (combine seems a curious word).

That means that there are some departures from SM and the accounting publishing world, including Jeff Stimpson of the former Practical Accountant, Stuart Kahan, of the former (I think CPA Wealth Provider) and me from the soon-to-be former Accounting Technology.

Glad I scheduled the 25th anniversary issue for June instead of July when it really is.

My plans are to remain in this market and it’s simply an issue of whether the company is willing to let me have the Consulting Insights name or whether I have to put out a newsletter, probably starting in June, under a different moniker.

I always thought it was likely this would happen, just a matter of when somebody decided three accounting pubs wasn’t a good idea. Probably time to do something with that URL I’ve been paying for for years

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