Hightower Associates launches penalty free stimulus plan

Hightower Associates have just announced a new stimulus plan that’s designed to assist users of their software who may have fallen off the maintenance bandwagon.

Under the plan, all prior year penalties (a 25% normal fee) are waived. All that a delinquent subscriber has to pay is the normal lapsed maintenance (up to two prior years’) plus the current year.

This offer is in effect until March 31, 2009. To take advantage of the stimulus, contact your Sage Business Partner or Patty Benitez (847-763-4754) at Hightower Inc.

All Hightower Enhancements Available in Version 4.3 are Now Officially Extended Enterprise Compatible

If you’re using the Sage Extended Enterprise Suite (EES) for MAS 90 or MAS 200, all of the enhancements that Hightower provides which are current at level 4.3 are now officially compatiable with EES.

Among the enhancements provided by Hightower Inc (not all of these are at the latest 4.3 level so check with Hightower Inc. prior to making purchasing decisions):

  • Direct Deposit
  • Food Distribution for MAS90 and MAS200
  • Gift Card Expansion Pack (Point of Sale add-on)
  • MASTransit (export to SQL)
  • MICR Laser Checks
  • Multi-Bin Advanded Distribution for MAS90 and MAS200
  • Point of Sale Professional
  • Professional Retainer Control
  • Remote Salesperson (discontinued)
  • RemoteXerver
  • ScanBlaster
  • Time and Billing Professional
  • Timekeeper

For more information on any of these enhancements – give Patti Benitez a call at Hightower – 847-763-4754

About Wayne Schulz

is a Sage 100 Consultant who has worked with Sage 100 and Sage 100c ( Formerly Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200) since 1986. He provides advanced Sage 100 technical support to companies located throughout the United States on all versions of Sage 100. If you are experiencing an issue with Sage 100, and would like to schedule a support session - please visit our request a Sage 100 diagnosis page.