Starship freight offers MAS 90 and MAS 200 users an option for Bill of Lading and multiple order shipments

Starship Freight is a new module ($3,500 – single user / $700 add’l user / $2,500 five user) for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 that provides for shipments that utilize LTL trucking common carriers.

One of the unique things about Starship  Freight is that the software now replaces the Shipping Data Entry for nearly all activities (packing lists are still printed in the Shipping Data Entry module).

You may combine multiple Sales Orders into one shipment and then place that shipment within separate pallets and automatically notify the carrier that your order is ready for pickup.

Here are some rough notes that I took during an hour long demonstration that was just hosted for one of my clients by V-Technologies.

Starship Freight

Targeted users are those with large, palletized freight

Starship vs Starship Freight Differences

– Initiate shipping from Starship Freight and not MAS90 Shipping Data Entry
– line item detail from Sales Order (for bill of lading)
– pick pack functionality (optional)
– print BOL and Pallet Labels
– Uses Microsoft SQL 2005
– Server/Seat licensing separate from MAS 90 / MAS 200 (previously the licensing was unlimited)

Tip: Starship 10.1¬† combines parcel and freight (hoping for year end 2009) — unsure on timing of final release but seems more like it will be in the first half of 2010. (Standard disclaimers about projected shipping dates apply)

Three carriers currently supported (more to be added as other carriers have API availability)
– 3pl – muli-carrier
– Electronically tender & book (don’t have to call the carrier for pickup)
– Shipment visibility (tracking) – only for shipments you’ve selected

– Generate PRO #
– Electronically tender & book
– Shipment visibility

SMC3 – coming soon
– must license the tarrifs (additional cost)

There is no rating engine built in

– one of the rating methods is for rating.
– freightquote will load negotiated rates as well as freightquote negotiated rates
– service of freightquote is free if you select their rates (at least sometime)
– there is a possible monthly fee if you don’t use the freightquote rate — there’s a salesperson who is assigned to your account
– Note: Sounds like takes a piece of your freight and if you don’t use them then they can charge you a fee

Requires MAS 90 or MAS 200 4.1 or higher

– Can ship against orders (takes place of shipping data entry) and you can do multiple orders to place onto one shipment
– Most people start at Sales Order
– Shows “related orders” by looking at the ship to address of other open orders

Potential Issue/Concern:

Can’t look up the rate ahead of time to quote the customer on freight — rating of the carrier is not required.

If you load up negotiated rates – then carrier rates are not displayed (even if lower)

Freight write back can be turned off if you quote the customer the freight in advance.

SLP Pricing:

Starship Freight – $3,500

– 1 seat
– server

User Pricing (additional)

– $700/seat for an additional single user
– 5 seats $2,500 – concurrent licensing (NOT named)

Link: Starship Freight Product Page – V-Technologies

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